Environmental Efforts

At Irongate Machine, we aim to limit our impact on the environment.

Solar Powered

In late 2016 Irongate Machine added 380 solar panels to our south-facing roof.  The system will provide over 100kW of power!  Say Watt? That's kila!   

Adventure Team

Nearly the entire team is active in outdoor activities, whether it's mountain biking on Galbraith Mountain, Fishing in the local lakes and rivers, or hiking Mt. Baker, we're out exploring the wild most weekends. 

Water Monitoring

We take part in the City of Bellingham's stormwater permit program.  We closely monitor runoff, sending samples to water testing facilities to ensure that we are preventing any contaminates from entering the stormwater system


We recycle nearly 100% of all metal chips and scraps, and coolant is filtered and recycled regularly.